Quick Driving Instructions

Quick Driving Instructions

From 132nd St. & West Center Road, drive North on 132nd about one block to Genesis Health Club.

[was, briefly, THE Athletic Club – previously known as The Prairie Life Fitness Center]

You’ll see a monument sign on the East side of the street. It will mention ACP and Limitless Male Clinic. Genesis has a large vinyl banner out front.

Turn to enter the club’s parking lot. Suite 200 is located on the second floor of the club, all the way at the West end of the building. There is a separate entrance to that part of the building – you do not need to enter the club itself. Allow plenty of time to navigate the parking lot; it can be busy at times.

Look for this doorway

After you’re inside

You’ll find our name on the elevator doors. Tap the button, travel one floor up, and you’ll step out into the lobby. Stop at the front office desk, and let us know that you’ve arrived.

Front Desk

You've arrived!

You’ve arrived!

More guidance at this link

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