Setting the Stage for More Sex

How To Increase Your Chances of Having More Sex “My wife and I haven’t been intimate for 8 years.” I have people coming in with relationship problems.  They’re not getting along, they’re not communicating and they’re not having sex.  They might mention they miss having sex, then I know desire… Continue reading

Relationship Malaise

WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE “ALREADY GONE”? I was surprised when a young woman walked into my office and said she didn’t care about her boyfriend.  She deserved to be treated better than he had treated her.  She had begun to enjoy dating other men and allowed herself to like… Continue reading

You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

When You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling A lot of musicians have been celebrating landmark anniversaries lately: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Dave Clark 5 – to name but a few. While listening to an oldies station the other day, I got to thinking about all the great artists from… Continue reading