Careers at Associated Counseling Professionals

Since we formed this practice group in 1993, our focus has been on creating an environment where the clinicians can focus on their clients.

Every band has a bus full of roadies. Every NASCAR driver has a pit crew. No one goes is alone. That goes for the delivery of high-quality mental health services, too. It’s a team approach we’ve honed over decades.

To that end, we have assembled a set of services that support our therapists and Nurse Practitioners in a manner that allows them to never need to worry about scheduling, forms, co-pays, or insurance filings. The entire business side of the practice is managed by the co-owners of ACP, an in-house staff for administrative support, and a Revenue Cycle Management service that handles the nuts and bolts of the claims that get us paid.

Are you a mental health provider with:

  • excellent training
  • an established clinical niche [or two!]
  • a desire to grow professionally in a group practice environment
  • ready to move your practice, or move into private practice?

Great! In 2024, we are especially interested in talking to LMHP and LIMHP level clinicians. We have a substantial need for someone confident in treating Eating Disorders. LADC credentials are also desirable. We also continue to see high demand for the skills of a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Call us at 402-334-1122 or send your resume to [email protected]

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