Talking To Kids About Fear And Violence

Kids Get Worried With everything that happens in the world, your kids will — potentially — get the idea that the world is a dangerous place. They will ask questions. So, you’ll want to be ready to talk about it with them calmly. “Parents can help children gain a sense… Continue reading

What’s your ‘Catch 22’?

Catch 22 – revisited I recently revisited the 1970 film Catch 22. I like older movies. They often offer more than today’s films, I think. Complexity of plot, character development, great cinematography, and very little computer generated content. I had seen the film a long while ago – I think perhaps… Continue reading

Helping the Passive-Aggressive Executive

Helping the Passive-Aggressive Executive – Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries – Harvard Business Review. I’m impressed how often the HBR publishes thoughtful articles about the psychological side of business and human interaction. Do you sometimes dodge assignments, backpedal on promises, but never really express your anger? Maybe it’s time… Continue reading