Enjoy the Day

This is the time that you have–this very moment.  Breathe, relax, and notice the many gifts that surround you right now.  There is beauty all around.  Let’s begin a brief meditation to enhance relaxation and a feeling of well-being.

The Relaxation Posture

Sit in a comfortable position with your legs uncrossed and your hands resting palms up on your lap. Take a moment to notice your spine.  Is it straight? Let your head rest against the back of your chair if you can.  Drop your shoulders. Breathing Now let your belly expand as you inhale.  Fill you lungs.  Hold for a few counts.  Exhale fully.  Push out a little more at the end.  Repeat four or five deep breaths.  Then let your breathing become more natural, but continue to involve your belly.  This gives your internal organs room as your lungs expand.


Consider the gift of this very moment.  You have this time for yourself. . . to focus on resting your mind, relaxing your body, being in this moment.  Slow your thoughts.  Only notice, without judging.Imagine that all tension begins to drain from the top of your head, down the back of your head and now your face.  Notice that the muscles in your face relax.  Your eyes soften.  Allow yourself to retain a slight smile as you continue to let all the tension and stress drain and move downward from your shoulders, your chest and your back.  Your arms now relax and become heavy.  Continue to breath in relaxation and exhale all tension and stress. Drain away all the remaining tension from your torso, hips and legs.  Give yourself several breaths to release any discomfort or stress from every cell in your body.   Allow deep sensations of relaxation to fill you and to flow through your entire body.

Positive Affirmations

Know that you are important in this world.   You deserve to feel at peace and to care for yourself.  You are capable of love and kindness. There is goodness within you. Awakening Now gently begin to move your hands and legs.  Stretch a bit to bring your awareness back to the room.  Notice that you are now calmer and feeling refreshed.  Be mindful of your own ability to care for yourself.


Did you try the meditation? Please share your observations, in the comment section below.

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