Mariama OumariaMaman, BPH, PLMHP, PLCSW


Mariama OumariaMaman, BPH, PLMHP, PLCSW

“There is no darkness without a light”.

We all have experienced, at one time or another, emotional darkness. Therapy is the way to walk you through the darkness to the light. I am here to support you. Therapy with me is a collaborative effort. I provide an environment free from judgment, where you are entitled to every emotion. It is not easy seeking help and I’m proud of you starting your process in finding a provider. Together we will work to create a safe space where you can grow, heal, and reach the light.

My goal is to assist individuals through life’s challenges. I work with families, individuals, teens, persons in recovery from substances, people struggling with severe and persistent mental illnesses, parent-child dyads, and couples. My specialties include trauma, resilience, addiction, cultural issues, anxiety, depression, daily living stress and attachment issues.

The time is now to heal. Let’s take this walk together as we follow your path to healing. Call today!

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