Molly Petersen, APRN PMHNP-BC

Molly Petersen

Molly started at ACP in April, 2017

I am a certified Family Nurse Practitioner and will earn my dual board certification in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner this spring. I started working in the mental health field in 2003 when I worked in group homes with the developmentally disabled. More recently I have worked in the inpatient psychiatric setting with adults and children, addiction treatment including both outpatient and residential addiction treatment, and general outpatient psychiatry.

I use a patient centered holistic approach. I want my patients to be involved in their care. There are many different treatments including medications, different therapies, and non-medicinal treatment options. We will explore all those options and together we will come up with a plan that will best fit your needs at this time in your life. We will talk about long term outcomes and what research has shown for your projected treatment course. I will work with you to provide education and self empowerment so you feel like you have control of your illness, not the other way around.

I love working with all age groups, and I take care of many families. I am the mom of four children myself, and taking care of children in a conservative manner as their brains are continuing to grow is extremely important to me. I love working with young children and teenagers. When a child or young adult is diagnosed with any type of illness it can be difficult for the family to adjust. I will work with you to properly treat the illness as well as give you resources in the community for different types of therapies and programs that can help round out our treatment plan.

Prior to being a nurse practitioner, I worked in labor and delivery for 6 years. Taking care of pregnant, nursing, and new moms is a special interest for me. Many women fear getting pregnant when on psychiatric medications, or fear treatment of postpartum depression including taking medications while nursing. I am here to work with you and your OB to provide proper treatment during this time and to help you enjoy your pregnancy and postpartum period without fearing treatment of your own mental health.

I work with the entire spectrum of psychiatric disorders. Including depression, anxiety, addiction, adhd, autism spectrum disorders, adjustment disorders, and more. With a background in family medicine, I have a greater understanding of the relationship of physical health and mental health. I will work collaboratively with your primary care provider to ensure we are caring for all aspects of your health.

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