Romance on a Shoestring

Romance on a Shoestring

Valentines Day is upon us! Couples are often stretched in terms of time and money. People often tell us that at the end of the day, they are daunted by multiple responsibilities, deadlines, and a personal or family budget that is stretched to the limit.

Ideas for you!

Our therapists are a creative group! As we were wrapping up a recent meeting, we put our heads together and came up with some ideas for making a wonderfully romantic date without spending a lot of money.

New experiences

One category for keeping spice in your relationship is trying new things. Have you ever tried these ideas?

  • have a daytime date The Joslyn Art Museum is free on Saturday mornings. Stroll through the galleries that interest you, and  strike up conversation about your favorite artworks. Take your time – no one says you have to see it all in one visit! Grab lunch or coffee – it’s much less expensive and can be more intimate than dinner. You’ll find plenty of ideas here for the Omaha area.
  • Pick a new recipe and cook together after the kids are in bed. Wear nice clothes, and listen to music while your meal cooks. Dance in the kitchen. Set a beautiful table.
  • Buy massage oil and give each other a neck and shoulder massage. Then light some candles and look at your old photo albums. Enjoy reminiscing about good times and each other.
  • Go on a picnic, even in the car, and take photographs. Exploring an area you’ve never been to before. Treat your hometown like a tourist would treat it. Whenever possible, turn off the social media notifications that typically draw your attention away from one another – use this time just for one another.

Shift focus to each other

  • Instead of buying flowers and chocolates, go to the Botanical Gardens or a plant nursery and take in the smells and colors. Then go home and make your own chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Or find the new restaurant or lounge and pretend to be meeting each other there for the first time. Take time to re-discover each other!
  • think about your best times when you were dating. Find ways to recreate those special feelings and closeness.

Beauty can be found all around us

sunset neighborhood

Nebraska has beautiful sunsets, even in February. Take a walk or a drive and find a spot to drink it all in. Remember, most men want to feel that they are important to their partners. Most women want to feel like a treasure to their partner. Find the way to focus on something you truly enjoy together and create that special environment for one another.

What have you tried? Please share in the comments section!


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