From Terry Moore, LICSW:

Most everyone has an idea in his or her mind as to what hypnosis is all about. You’ve had a friend who quit smoking at a large seminar, or you saw hypnosis portrayed in the movies. Perhaps there was a hypnotist at a local comedy club, a post-prom party, or even a business event.

Unfortunately, one can get an inaccurate and incomplete picture of what hypnosis is all about from these sources. Here are a few articles and external links — offered to you in the hope of clarifying things, and answering some basic questions about how hypnosis is used in a mental health practice.

I use hypnosis extensively in my work. I find it a useful approach to assist people. Problems that have a potential to respond to hypnosis include:

  • anxiety, phobias, stress
  • depression & self-esteem problems
  • chronic pain – irritable bowel syndrome

Please tell our administrative staff know that you are seeking hypnosis — especially if you are at a stage of researching your options for treatment. I’m always happy to address your questions before you schedule a time to come in. For smoking cessation hypnosis with me, you must be referred by your ACP therapist.


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