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How long is each session?

acp_symbolEach session is billed at 45 minutes. Sometimes, your session may run a little longer, but we try to give ourselves time between sessions to keep our records up to date, refill our coffee cups, dash into the bathroom, return a phone call – so please understand that we are rarely, if ever, going to be able to run over. We’re not trying to be rude – just trying to stay on track for the rest of our work day.

Most of our clinical staff adhere to 45 minutes – while some will structure sessions around a 50-minute session. Talk to your therapist if you have questions about this.

Do I need a referral before being seen at ACP?

Generally, no. If you are desiring personal change, we’d love to hear from you, and see you through the adjustments that you want to make in your life.

On the other hand, if you are already in therapy somewhere else, we think that it is a good idea to talk over your situation with your current therapist. If you are not making the progress that you anticipated, then reviewing your expectations with your therapist or psychiatrist is wise. Sometimes, your primary therapist will help you decide that staying in therapy with them is best for now. Or, you may conclude that switching is best. Thirdly, some people see us for adjunctive services – like hypnosis or EMDR – while you stay in therapy with the original therapist.

The other consideration is insurance coverage. Some carriers require an authorization for services prior to – or within 24 hours of – a first session. We will try our best to help you with this, but you should try to learn the basics of your coverage, too; you’ll minimize surprises later.

I do not have any health insurance, what are the fees?

The initial counseling session fee is $180 – after that each session is $125. Fees for seeing our consulting psychologist are separate — give a call if you need more information. Also, alcohol evaluations are a separate fee – and usually not reimbursable.

What insurance companies are covered? 

We are covered under most major insurance plans. These include: United Health Care, Mutual of Omaha, Coventry, Aetna, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Cigna, Tricare and Midlands Choice, to name a few, but there are many more. You can either check with your insurance under your out patient mental health benefits or give our office a call and we will be happy to check everything out for you.

What is an EAP or Employee Assistance Program?

Your company may have what is called an Employee Assistance Program or EAP. If you do have this, there will be an 800 number that you can access through your company. Your company pays a separate company to give you, the employee, spouse or children, you several names of therapists for you to see. They will give you our phone number and we will set up an appointment for you. You then need to call the 800 number back with the name of the therapist that you actually got set up with and then the EAP will send our office paperwork with the therapist’s name that you will see, along with authorization to see them.

Often, EAP is set up to assess and refer. EAP is a no-cost way to get a general assessment of your situation, get treatment recommendations, and to begin to sort out your issues. While typically EAP is designed for short-term counseling, most often you can see the same therapist for continued care through your insurance.

When you call us and let us know that you are utilizing your EAP, it is important for you to know that we do represent over thirty different EAP’s. It is very helpful when you call the toll-free number to access your EAP if you ask them what the name of the company is, i.e. Magellan, Cigna EAP, Horizon, ComPsych, MHN, Ceredian, Value Options, NEAS, etc., as each EAP have different billing criteria and give different numbers of authorized visits, etc. Please jot down the details given to you from your EAP referral casemanager – it will really help us get you your maximum access to your benefits.

Do I have to pay or will your office bill me?

You are responsible for your deductible and/or co-pay (co-insurance) at the time of service.

Do you prescribe medication at you office?

Yes! Since September, 2011 – we have two Advanced Practice Registered Nurses available on-site to help with the psychiatric medication assessment and treatment.

Call us for details and scheduling with Molly Petersen, APRN or Jackie Marymee, APRN. Additionally, we can help coordinate care with other psychiatrists in the Metro area. Let your therapist know how we can help with this.

Is there a set number of sessions for marriage counseling or any other type of counseling? How often do we need to come in?
There is not a set number of sessions, the counselors individualize each client’s situation and decide from there how many sessions and how often to come in depending on what would be most beneficial to each client.

Do you have counselors that see small children?

Yes, Julie Jurich, Ramie Uren, Todd Kerr, and Glen Fineman see young children.

How many years have they been in practice?

We’ve been together here at ACP since 1993. Several of us have worked together since the mid-1980s at another private practice group in Omaha, too.

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