About Scarlett

My Background

My interest in mental health began during my psychiatric rotation in nursing school.  After that rotation, I began working at Methodist Richard Young as a Psychiatric Technician.  I continued working there while I obtained my Nursing degree (Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing -1990) and my second degree in Communications (University of Nebraska – 1995) as well as a Master’s degree in Counseling (University of Nebraska- 1997).

After I completed my nursing degree, I worked as a floor nurse, charge nurse and then a unit manager.  I left Richard Young in 2000 to utilize my education as a counselor in a private practice setting.  I had the honor of working at Psychiatric Services P.C. for nine years.  I enjoyed my experience there and learned a great deal from the physicians.

I began working at Associated Counseling Professionals in February of 2009.  I am a member of the Association for Private Practice Therapists and the Nebraska Counseling Association. I am credentialed by the American Nurses Credentialing Center and the National Board of Certified Counselors. I hold Nebraska licenses for Registered Nurse, Mental Health Practitioner, Independent Mental Health Practitioner and Professional Counselor.

I have experience working with a wide variety of mental health issues, ranging from stress management to bipolar disorder.  My schedule allows me to see clients as frequently as needed- based on their need.  I have maintained relationships with many psychiatrists around town and am able to refer to them if necessary.

Areas of expertise

I see adults 18 and older.  I work with mild to severe problems.   Working with clients who are diagnosed with acute psychiatric disorders (Major Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, etc.) is very rewarding for me.  I feel that educating a client about their illness and how to recognize triggers and manage symptoms, empowers someone who feels victimized by their brain chemistry to not feel so overwhelmed and helpless.  My nursing background has helped me to better understand chronic and acute medical disorders.

Therapy can be beneficial for all kinds of issues.  My primary focus (after establishing safety) is increasing quality of life.  Learning simple, effective techniques to reduce anxiety or increase communication skills, can help increase quality of life- both personal and professional.  I believe if people suppress their emotions, it will come out elsewhere- health issues, relationship discord, or problems tolerating a work environment.

Scarlett and DBT

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