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Individual Counseling Services

Terry Moore outlines his thoughts on the practical and esoteric elements of getting started – and benefiting  – from counseling services for you. It’s never easy to sit down with an unfamiliar person, and to open up about your most sensitive thoughts and feelings. The rewards, however, can be substantial towards your growth and development.


Terry Moore has been using hypnosis in his work for over 30 years, so asking him to write a single page about it was sort of like asking the IRS to summarize the Tax Code on a 3×5 index card. Nonetheless, he gave it a shot. Learn more by following the link.

Issues in Sex Therapy

Julie Jurich, PhD, highlights some of the myths about  human sexuality that people talk about – and the myths about the therapy she conducts.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy – DBT

This link will take you to an educational site for an overview of DBT

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing – EMDR

This link will take you to an educational site for an overview of EMDR.

Couples Counseling – Marriage Counseling

The link will take you to a great article that we wish we’d written – about how to get the most from counseling with your partner.

Sex Therapy – Certification

We have two experts in the area of Human Sexuality in our office. That’s like having both Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla available to help you with your physics homework. There’s rarely anything more close to our heart and soul than our intimate life. Our Certified Sex Therapists can help you sort out your concerns.

The link will take you to the AASECT website – so you can learn a bit about the body that certifies our staffers who work in this area.






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