Terry Moore, MSW, LICSW

Terry Moore

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
ASCH Certified & Approved Consultant in Clinical Hypnosis

I am accepting new clients at this time.



I like to solve problems with creativity, with your unique needs in mind.

I received my MSW from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 1980. I have advanced training in Clinical Hypnosis – using this tool to help you with personal growth and psychotherapy, pain management, and habit control. My work often includes individuals and families dealing with the emotional impact of chronic or life-threatening illness. I help people to manage stress, rebuild self-esteem, find joy in daily activities, master pain, and resolve the impact of past trauma. My work with anxiety includes phobias, fears, and excessive worry. You’ll find authoritative information about hypnosis from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis by following this link.

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My Frequently Asked Questions page.

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I have a special interest and advanced training in the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder — OCD. Of all the anxiety-based problems people face, this may be the toughest. There can be an insidious combination of compulsive behavior (or thinking) combined with isolation and shame. Fortunately, we know a great deal about what helps manage and master this problem. Here’s great information from the International Obsessive Compulsive Foundation.

I refer children, and young teens to my talented colleagues down the hall – or to other clinicians in the area. I’m always happy to help you locate the resources you need – other clinicians, agencies, or online services.

I’m proud of my affiliation with Associated Counseling Professionals, PC. We opened our business in 1993, and have discovered a lot about the art and science of running a small business. Whew!

I served on the Committee on Inquiry [Ethics] for the Nebraska Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, and as NE Chapter President [1997-99]. In 2014, I served as the Board President for the Association of Private Practice Therapists.


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