Our Location

2255 S. 132nd Street
Suite 200
Omaha, NE 68144

How to find Associated Counseling Professionals:

From 132nd St. & West Center Road, drive North on 132nd about one block to THE Athletic Club [previously known for many years as The Prairie Life Center]. You’ll see a monument sign on the East side of the street. Turn right to enter the Prairie Life Center’s parking lot. Suite 200 is located on the second floor of the Center, all the way at the West end of the building. There is a separate entrance to that part of the building – you do not need to enter the Fitness Center itself.

Once inside the doors, you’ll see an elevator to the right. Enter the elevator, and come up to the second floor. We are the only business on this level. Check in at the reception office to make sure we know you’ve arrived for your appointment. We’ll collect any forms you filled out, and take a copy of your insurance card. If you forget your forms, or didn’t have a chance to fill them out beforehand, we’ve got more on hand.



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